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Jacksonville’s Best Gym & Fitness Center

Tired of going to gyms with old equipment, getting trapped in contracts, not using any of the benefits, and basically wanting to quit your fitness goals? Why do gyms and fitness centers have to be that way?

SPOILER ALERT: Gyms don’t have to be that way.

At Asana Wellness Center, we blend together brand new workout equipment, state of the art training technology, and amenities that can’t be found at any other gym in Jacksonville.

Things like Jacksonville’s only outdoor workout area, hydromassage chairs, saunas, and more are just a few reasons people won’t stop calling Asana the best gym in Jacksonville.

Are you just starting out on your workout journey? Our amenities start at only $9.95/mo and don’t have long term contracts attached to them. However, just because it is an amazing price does not mean it is short on perks. You get 24/7 access to the gym, use of the locker rooms, and even get to use our Infrared Sauna.

Compare that to any other fitness center in Jacksonville and the difference will speak for its self.

After you have been coming to us a while and see the benefits we offer, upgrade to a VIP of VIP+ membership.

“Why would I upgrade to a VIP or VIP+ membership when a get so many benefits for only $9.95/mo?”

That is a great question. The answer is a simple one: Even Better Value.

You can see on our amenities page that we offer a whole lot more than just an infrared sauna. Laser Body Scan, HydroMassage Lounge, Virtual Spin, Unlimited Guests, and Group Fitness Classes.

So what are you waiting for? Come try Asana FREE for 3 days with a Guest Pass!

Our Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 5am – 10pm
Friday: 5am – 8pm
Saturday: 7am to 7pm
Sunday: 10am – 6pm

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Our Gym Amenities

Sport drinks and supplements- bottle water
Infrared sauna in male and female - locker rooms
Outside functional training area on Astro turf
Free wi-fi

Our Gym Services

Sports Specific Training


Totally love Asana! Clean, tons of functional gear to play with, digital spin room, 3 Smith machines, tons of cardio machines. Saunas that are actually really clean and best of all infrared. Great membership prices and did I forget to mention that Hydro-massage! It’s well lit, modern and also have a 3D body scanner can’t wait to use. So glad they opened near me, I am tired of the other gyms slacking on cleanliness and other important things. I have a Ultra VIP package it’s so worth it and 24 hours! #Winning

PRICE, LOCATION, Facility, Staff, Sauna, Modern with an European Feel. Equipment I have not used nor seen before. Great Atmosphere and availability. I love this place.

I love the 9 am Fuel class with Ashley. She is a great motivator and the class gives you a good workout. The 6:30 pm Adrenaline class with Ashley pushed me hard, but I could feel my body burning the fat during and after class. Also, after a hard workout, the gym has an awesome sauna to sit and relax your muscles. I love this gym. Same price as the chain gym that I was paying for and didn’t offer half of what Asana Wellness offers. I feel like I made a good choice.