Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes

We know that working out alone can be hard. That is why we offer group fitness classes six days a week! Our classes are for every skill level and designed to push you to a healthier life. Whether you want to dance your calories away with Zumba or burn away your love handles in Muffin Blast, we have a class for you. The table below lists our class schedule. If you have any questions call us at 904-683-5159!

Group Training
Schedule of Classes Club: Asana Wellness Location: JAX, FL
Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
5:30 AM Slimnastics Muffin Blast Hydraulix
8:00 AM Limitless
9:00 AM Slimnastics Muffin Blast Hydraulix
6:00 PM Slimnastics Zumba Muffin Blast Rumba

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DERRIÈRE​:  Building a beautiful behind while strengthening and sculpting the lower body!

MUFFIN BLAST​: Bikini prep core training targeting the love handles!

SLIMNASTICS​: Combining High Intensity with low weight for a calorie roasting session!

HYDRAULIX​: Low impact body sculpting at its’ finest with complete firming and toning!

ZUMBA​: Getting lost in the world of dance and fitness!

LIMITLESS​: The sky’s the limit with this all inclusive training extravaganza!

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