Totally love Asana! Clean, tons of functional gear to play with, digital spin room, 3 Smith machines, tons of cardio machines. Saunas that are actually really clean and best of all infrared. Great membership prices and did I forget to mention that Hydro-massage! It’s well lit, modern and also have a 3D body scanner can’t wait to use. So glad they opened near me, I am tired of the other gyms slacking on cleanliness and other important things. I have a Ultra VIP package it’s so worth it and 24 hours! #Winning

PRICE, LOCATION, Facility, Staff, Sauna, Modern with an European Feel. Equipment I have not used nor seen before. Great Atmosphere and availability. I love this place.

I love the 9 am Fuel class with Ashley. She is a great motivator and the class gives you a good workout. The 6:30 pm Adrenaline class with Ashley pushed me hard, but I could feel my body burning the fat during and after class. Also, after a hard workout, the gym has an awesome sauna to sit and relax your muscles. I love this gym. Same price as the chain gym that I was paying for and didn’t offer half of what Asana Wellness offers. I feel like I made a good choice.